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The Fuel System handles both Jet A1, AVGAS and various oils.The two levels of V.A.T. are handled for Jet A1. Target incentives can be set up.


What is Fuel System?

The AFIDS fuel system manages Jet A1, AVGAS, and various oils, including the calculation of VAT for Jet A1 at two different levels.
The system allows for manual entry of fuel receipts and liters, as well as the ability to integrate with third-party fuel systems, including self-serve pumps. Other features include:
  • Carnet card support
  • Target incentives and discounts able to be set up.
  • Various reports available, including sales analysis.
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Airport Information Systems has helped airports around the world to streamline their operations and display systems, resulting in a more efficient and effective airport experience for passengers. AIS is a company under the portfolio of Constellation Software (TSE:CSU), listed in the Canadian Stock Exchange.


AFIDS is a data collection and real time processing software. Data is gathered in real-time and is used by the ALDIS software to create accurate invoices. This information is also used in the real time Cash Invoicing System and sent to FIDSnet for relevant information to be displayed around the airport.


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