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Reports & Audits

ALDIS and AFIDS offer a comprehensive suite of reports and audits including the Data Extract Tool to create custom reports.


AIS’ Reports and Audits

ALDIS and AFIDS both have a comprehensive set of reports and audits to assist in managing and tracking the data in the system. Custom reports can be generated using the Data Extract Tool.
The Data Extract Tool is a user-friendly utility that is designed for end-users to generate ad-hoc reports for statistical analysis. All data entered into the system can be analyzed to aid in airport management. Here are a few examples of the data items that can be reported on using the Data Extract Tool:
  • Runway utilisation
  • Movement enquiry
  • Financial comparisons against contract agreements
  • Load Factor enquiry by route/operator/airline and more

All reports generated using the Data Extract Tool are saved in the .CSV file format, enabling users to import data into Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and other applications.

Keeping track of changes, additions, and deletions in the system is also made simple with our audit reports. These reports allow you to track alterations, from additions to discounts to changes in aircraft type, along with information such as the user who made the change, the time of the change, and any comments about the reason for the change.

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Airport Information Systems has helped airports around the world to streamline their operations and display systems, resulting in a more efficient and effective airport experience for passengers. AIS is a company under the portfolio of Constellation Software (TSE:CSU), listed in the Canadian Stock Exchange.


ALDIS has been successfully implemented in over thirty airports worldwide. With ALDIS installed in your airport, you can easily configure discounts, surcharges and commercial target incentives.


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