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Airport Landing Dues Information System

Airport Landing Dues Information System or ALDIS is an Airport Management System with the capability of Aeronautical Billing. ALDIS functionality includes configuration of discounts, surcharges and commercial target incentives.


What is ALDIS?

ALDIS is an aeronautical billing system that has been successfully implemented in over thirty airports worldwide. It includes functionality for configuring discounts, surcharges, and commercial target incentives.
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Static Information

ALDIS maintains data in ICAO, IATA, and UK CAA formats to facilitate accurate billing of aircraft. This information is stored in an underlying database that can be accessed by both AFIDS and ALDIS. The data includes information on airports, aircraft standards, names and addresses, operator aircraft, and operators, as well as operator-specific invoice periods.

Billing Engine

Flexibility and configurability are at the core of the ALDIS billing engine. This allows users to input and the software to calculate standard rates, flat rates, operator charges, and more. These calculations are based on information from the database and the airport's fees and charges.
ALDIS can calculate and credit a wide range of configurable charges, including landing and parking fees, fuel, passenger tax, services provided to an aircraft such as de-icing fluid, ground power usage, crew transport, and miscellaneous fees related to a movement.
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Pre-invoicing and invoicing functions come as standard in the ALDIS software, along with:
  • Discounts/Surcharges
  • Target Incentives
  • Up to 9 levels of sales tax
  • Email Invoicing
  • Ability to invoice in a foreign currency and in the local currency, including EUR and USD


Full audit routines are contained within ALDIS.

Data Extract Tool

The Data Extract Tool is a user-friendly utility that is designed for end-users to generate ad-hoc reports for statistical analysis. All data entered into the system can be analyzed to aid in airport management. Here are a few examples of the data items that can be reported on using the Data Extract Tool:
  • Runway utilisation
  • Financial comparisons against contract agreements
  • Movement enquiry
  • Load Factor enquiry by route/operator/airline and more
All information extracted from the Data Extract Tool is in Excel format, with an import.

Financial Management System Interface

ALDIS integrates with standard financial management systems. The currently available interfaces are listed below, and the system is designed to facilitate easy integration with other accounting systems.
  • SAP
  • SUN Accounting
  • Sage Line 50
  • Sage Line 200
  • Exchequer
  • Access Accounting
  • Pegasus

Government Statistics

ALDIS fulfils the mandatory reporting requirements of the UK Government, CAA-AvStats and NATS.


Airport Landing Dues Information System

ALDIS functionality includes configuring multiple discounts and surcharges as well as commercial target incentives and the system has been successfully implemented in over thirty airports worldwide.
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Aeronautical Billing
Air Traffic Control Administration System In any air traffic environment data flowing in and out is normally via the AFTN.
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Ledger Accounting
AIS has developed links from ALDIS to a number of leading accounting packages for easy integration of data for purchase ledger and sales ledger.
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Reports and Audits
A report writer is available to create individual reports in an Excel format for further analysis and graphing.
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Why Choose AIS?

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Software Stability
With over 30 years of experience of supplying airport management systems, we are proud of the strong stability and reliability of AIS softwares.
Highly Configurable package solution
All our software solutions are meticulously customisable to meet majority of any airport’s requirements.
Customer Support
Strong Customer Support
Get dedicated support from our market leading product specialists, who can immediately identify your issues and solve your queries.
User Group
AIS User Group
AISUG, is a dedicated community for AIS products, which works toward development of our systems. Airports using AIS become a part of our privileged community.

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Airport Information Systems has helped airports around the world to streamline their operations and display systems, resulting in a more efficient and effective airport experience for passengers. AIS is a company under the portfolio of Constellation Software (TSE:CSU), listed in the Canadian Stock Exchange.


ALDIS has been successfully implemented in over thirty airports worldwide. With ALDIS installed in your airport, you can easily configure discounts, surcharges and commercial target incentives.


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