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AIS developed both Security Sentinel and Gate Guardian, to help the airport security staff to thoroughly check the e-boarding passes at both check in and gates.


What is Security Sentinel & Gate Guardian?

More airlines are enabling passengers to print their own boarding passes, which enables them to bypass regular check-in procedures and go straight to security.
To address this, the airport security personnel need a system that can thoroughly verify e-boarding passes both during check-in and at the gate. AIS has created Security Sentinel and Gate Guardian to resolve this issue, ensuring proper point of origin verification, door/gate open/close status, and cancelled flight checks.
These systems were developed as part of the AFIDS system and offer the following features:
  • The capability to reset a flight.
  • Facilitation of flights and delayed flights across midnight.
  • Comprehensive audit and reporting.
  • Automatic updating of AFIDS with departing passenger numbers by sector.
  • Seasonal Schedule Details.
  • Control of baggage carousel opening and closing.
  • Control of check-in desk opening and closing.
These verifications are crucial in regulating access to airside and the gate, which are fundamental to the safe operation of an airport.

When a document is scanned, the system displays an instant "go" or "no-go" decision. If it's a "no-go," the reason is also provided.

This supplementary software guarantees maximum security with the least possible impact on passenger processing times, and fully complies with the requirements of the UK Department for Transport (DfT).

The major benefits of the Gate Guardian and Security Sentinel software include the following:
  • It can be remotely supported and diagnosed.
  • Suitable for use at regional airports as well as large international airports.
  • Integrated with the AFID schedule for updated flight information.
  • Uses standard 2D barcode scanners in the industry.
  • Compatible with M1 and S 2D single line barcodes for web-based boarding passes.
  • Supports S style barcodes for boarding cards from kiosks.
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Airport Information Systems has helped airports around the world to streamline their operations and display systems, resulting in a more efficient and effective airport experience for passengers. AIS is a company under the portfolio of Constellation Software (TSE:CSU), listed in the Canadian Stock Exchange.


AFIDS is a data collection and real time processing software. Data is gathered in real-time and is used by the ALDIS software to create accurate invoices. This information is also used in the real time Cash Invoicing System and sent to FIDSnet for relevant information to be displayed around the airport.


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